Sunset and Moonrise Earrings

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Material:  14K Rose Gold-Filled Circle, Sterling Silver Circle, with handmade sterling silver ear wires

Features of Sunset and Moonrise Earrings:

Unlock the allure with our trend-setting earrings, sunset and moon rising earrings to style like a star, wherever you go! These simple yet glamorous-looking earrings are made up of 14k Rose gold, silver sterling and silver wires. These Sunset and Moonrise Earrings are closely inspired by celestial beauty where sun depicts the story of new hopes and beginnings and moonrise portrays the story of romance, mystery and magic. Make a lasting impression with another best feature, either want to wear it individually or paired together with Other jewelry, both will look great!  These perfect statements are lighter than any other earrings. The amalgamation of sterling silver and pure 14k Rose gold is incredible!!  Make your fashion statement with mixed metal earrings that can change the way you look. Your new look with sunset moon and sun rising earrings will be eye-catching and go perfectly on every precious attire. If you are ready to make a classy change in your collection. Must order now!!! 



Crafted from supreme- quality of pure silver, 12k gold, with silver wires to attach earrings.

High-polished finish.

Lead & Nickel free.

Production & packaging:

Inspired by the allures of natural beauty of sun and moon.

Each pair of sun and moon earrings is fastidiously handcrafted by highly creative artisans who prioritize eco-friendly practices.

Each pair of earrings will be delivered in simplistic and sophisticated packaging without reducing extra wastage.

Delivery & payment methods:

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Now enjoy the financial freedom to buy alluring jewelry at a sale price, never miss the opportunity!!!

Order now!! Indulge in the elegance that awaits you!!

Tips and care:

Keep away your Sunset and Moonrise Earrings silver and gold from moisture or sunlight. 

Don't expose it to chemicals and cosmetics, due to the risk of damaging metal.

To restore its charm and shine, polish it regularly with mild silver polish.

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