Soul’s Light

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Original Painting

Soul's Light

Acrylic on Paper

Artwork: 8.5 x 11 inches

Mat: 11 x 14 inches (Ready to frame, quality conservation mat and backing board ensure the longevity of this fine art painting)

A friend sent me a photograph he took one night while enjoying his campfire under a full moon with his hound dog, Willie. Mesmerized by the light cast upon the nearby trees and the moonglow, he suggested I try painting this scene. Rarely do I paint from photographs, especially ones that are not my own. But, the image captivated me, so I worked to grasp its essence.

This story came to me after I painted it. She stands by the light of the nearby fire, which casts a warm glow across the land before it. The enchanting light beckons her to embrace the magical side of her nature. Looking majestic in her gold gown, the bright light behind her lights up the night in a way different than the warm, burning red embers of the campfire. In the stillness is the silence within. A calming peace overcomes her. The soul's light is deep within her, shining bright in its outer essence.

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