Mini Sun and Moon Earrings

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Material:  Small Bronze Circles, Small Sterling Silver Circles, with handmade sterling silver ear wires

Introducing our captivating blend of cosmic allures and modern design, cute mini sun and moon earrings. Where ultimate sophistication meets with arts. Despite being a hot-selling item, the distinctive shape of the sun symbolises vitality and the moon addresses tranquillity. 

These trendy earrings are designed with perfect detailing by craftsmen. Completely designed with sterling silver with a pinch of bronze, that adds a rustic touch to earrings. Whether you are going to a meeting or heading towards a party or wedding this lightweight earring will gracefully add extra charm to your overall look without weighing you down, as well as elevate your personality. 

Unlike heavier earrings, they are more relaxing and all-day wearable. From oval to angular all types of faces will look spectacular by wearing this sun and moon earring. These are travel-friendly because they are lightweight, require minimal space in luggage as well as it’s perfect for all day out. Don't waste your time seize the opportunity and add it to your cart.


  1. Materials;
  • Crafted from high-quality and pure silver, tiny bronze.
  • High-polished finish.
  • Lead & Nickel free.
  1. Production & packaging:
  • Inspired by the allures sun and moon circle shape.
  • Each pair of mini-moon & sun earrings is fastidiously handcrafted by highly creative artisans who prioritize eco-friendly practices.
  • Each pair of earrings will be delivered in simplistic and sophisticated packaging without reducing extra wastage.
  1. Delivery & payment methods:
  • Experience the convenience with our complimentary free delivery service.
  • Embrace the ease with our safe and online payment method.
  • Now enjoy the financial freedom to buy alluring jewelry in interest-free installments.
  • Order now!! Indulge in the elegance that awaits you!!
  1. Care instruction for mini sun and  moon  earrings:
  • Keep away your jewellery from moisture or sunlight. 
  • Don't expose it to chemicals and cosmetics, due to the risk of damaging moon and sun earnings metal.
  • To restore its charm and shine, polish it regularly with mild silver polish.

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