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Holly Yashi Petite Ginkgo Earrings

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Holly Yashi Earrings

Elevate your style effortlessly with our feather-like, easy-to-carry holly yashi earrings. We are introducing world-famous Holy Yashi coequal ornaments, crafted with top-tier vibrant color-bending techniques, that not only  looks magnificent but also reflects the beauty of nature. Rose pink with gold and a green touch represents the island's charismatic beauty.

The ginkgo-shaped earrings depict healing and longevity. These holly yashi earrings will soothe your eyes by offering you a glimpse of the natural beauties of the world; the color pattern indicates the cosmic visuals; it can turn heads, and you can get lost in the color spectrum of these earrings.

Hand-crafted by an expert artisan, niobium adds a velvety texture and we have meticulously crafted jewelry with intricate detailing and proper attention to every detail. Whether you want to present yourself as luxurious or look simple, you can flaunt yourself by wearing these captivating earrings. Bling on! By ordering this item.


Gold with niobium

Hand-crafted item. 

Manufactured in the USA

Available all over the world.

High-polished finish.

Lead and nickel-free.

Free delivery service.

It will be delivered in eco-friendly packaging and with less wastage. 

It will be delivered with a small packet of earrings and a beautiful box.

Simple and elegant free packaging.

Hundred percent original.

Trouble-free online payment method.

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Free delivery and shipping

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