Golden Triangle Drop Earrings

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Bold color, graphic lines, and a retro sunburst motif join together in our Rowan Earrings to give you your playful new go-to. Infused with contrasting velvety sheen, shiny gleam, and hand-hammered textures, these beauties will deliver interest to your ensemble day after day, and even into the night.


1 5/8" l. × 7/8" w


  • Niobium
  • 18K Gold-plated ear wires. 

Indulge in the timeless elegance of our exotic and glamorous-looking golden triangle drop earring- the classical beauty of Gold never goes out of style. 

Hand-crafted from 18-carat Gold with the classic touch of niobium, the hand-hammered texture made it ultra-shiny and velvety. Niobium jewelry is considered a safe and suitable option for those who have metal-related allergies; moreover, niobium jewelry features, and durability; you can wear it for a more extended period as it doesn't get tarnished.

Gold Triangle Earrings Design

The shape of a triangle is best known for resilience and strength, empowering you to become more confident among people. Evocative sunburst design is an eye-catcher in its own way. It's lightweight and easy to carry for extended durations. Add this classical statement to your collection, and be ready to chase the limelight.


18-carat Gold, niobium, along with gold-plated ear wires.

Hand-crafted item. 

Manufactured in the USA

Size 1 5/8" l. × 7/8" w.

Available in yellow color.

Available all over the world.

High-polished finish.

Lead and nickel-free.

Free delivery service.

It will be delivered in eco-friendly packaging and with less wastage. 

It will be delivered with a small packet of earrings and a beautiful box.

Simple and sophisticated free packaging.

Hundred percent brand new look.

Trouble-free online payment method.

Experience the financial freedom to buy your favorite item at a discounted price on sale.

Care & Tips

Do not expose it to harsh chemicals.

Regular cleaning is required for durability.

Use it with delicate hands, and don't bend or misshape.

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