Glass Cardinal

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Handblown Glass Cardinal 

Dimensions:  Height approx. 4 inches, Width approx. 3 inches and Depth approx. 1.5 inches

Antiques and showpieces are essential parts of home decor as they attract all the attention coming from guests. So invite happiness and peace by decorating your home with hand-blown glass cardinals that portray the true symbol of love, friendship, and bond. This hand-crafted male bird ornament has the vibrant color of red indicating love and passion, which brings confidence. It is stunning and can be a perfect addition in the sense of decorating your lovely home. It would be the best fit in all spaces whether it's your side, center table, dining table or your bedroom. 

If you're looking for a gift for your loved ones, it is a meaningful choice to make them happy by presenting this unique gift to them and spreading happiness!! Order now and beautify your home.


Hand-blown glass cardinals are used to decorate the home.

Available in hot red colour.

Height is approx. 4 inches, width 3 inches and depth 1.5 inches.

Made from pure stained glass quality.

Hand-made items are created through detailed care along with eco-friendly practices.

Hand-painted and polished.

Designed by UK designers.

Each item will be boxed separately.

Elegant and beautiful packaging with less wastage.

Indoor/outdoor display.

Hundred per cent original.

Stress-free online payment method.

Enjoy the financial freedom to buy your favourite item at a discounted price on sale.

Care & Tips

Proper cleaning is required regularly.

Avoid placing it in heavy-traffic areas just to keep it safe and secure.

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