Diamond Shape Mokume Gane Earrings

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If you are looking for perfect Diamond shape Mokume earrings that shine extra-ordinary, you have come to the right place! Presenting our distinctive yet stunning diamond-shaped Mokume earrings to have an ear party! These statements have classic diamond shapes crafted through the Mokume Gane process which highly appreciates eco-friendly practices. Beautiful diamond-shaped silver sterling is attached with flat pieces of blended metals that have artistic patterns of copper with oxidized material. 

Design of Diamond shape Mokume Gane Earrings

Both designs are attached with silver sterling wires to be held in the ears. The striking color blending showcases the mixture of metals that can go perfectly with the dark or light colors of your attire. These simple yet elegant earrings are designed to be worn forever! There is no need to worry about wearing off while shower, swim, or sweat. Step into the spotlight and shine bright like a star, with our diamond-shaped Mokume Gane earring. It will be your favorite in the future.


It is made of high-grade silver sterling, pure copper, and oxidized.

Crafts-man made it through the inspiration of celestial beauty along with Mokume Gane's making procedure.

Available all over the globe 

Made in the USA.

The color is silver. 

High-polished finish.

Lead and nickel-free.

Brass base metal.

Free delivery service.

Will be delivered in eco-friendly packaging and with less wastage. 

Delivered with a small packet of Diamond shape Mokume Gane Earrings and a beautiful box.

Simple and sophisticated free packaging.

Hundred percent brand new look.

Trouble-free online payment method.

Experience the financial freedom to buy your favorite item at a discounted price on sale.

Care & Tips

Keep away your jewelry from moisture or sunlight. 

Don't expose it to chemicals and cosmetics, due to the risk of damaging metal.

To restore its charm and shine, polish it regularly with mild silver polish.

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