Ancients (Gnarled Utah Juniper Tree Sedona Arizona)

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Gnarled Utah Junipers found in Sedona, AZ are hundreds to thousands of years old and very slow growing. Thus the name “Ancients”

This unique juniper is an especially old species with a *very unusual and long reaching  twisted limb off to the right, which caught artist's attention as a particularly interesting specimen to photograph. 

In order to capture the interesting nuances and textures, artist knew that the best way was to “Light Paint“ the tree, which is a process accomplished with a longtime exposure from a rock solid, sturdy tripod.  This particular time exposure was over 2 minutes long while the shutter remains open. During that time a portable warm light is moved around in a painterly like fashion while capturing the areas being lit just before dark, while still twilight.

Secondly as a multiple exposure the sky with stars is then captured in a much shorter exposure so as not to pick up star trails and then the two exposures are merged for a beautiful juxtaposition of warm and cool light.

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