18 carat Appatite Stone Ring

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Sterling Silver Base Metal, 18 Carat Appetite Ring

This ring is hand carved one of a kind available in size 6

Nothing beats the true value of 18 Carat apatite stone rings!!! Unlock the doors of good luck prosperity and self-awakening by introducing an appetite stone ring to your jewellery collection. This mystical item ring was crafted by expert artists of the USA, hand-made curves and the dazzling teal color of precious apatite stone look no less than a magical sphere. 

This striking piece of ring has a big stone in the center and is crafted in a silver ring with a beautiful design of silver wires that can catch heads. If you want to feel luxurious, you should add it to your jewelry collection. 

Elevate your style with this ring in all events like weddings, formal meetings, birthdays or parties. This can be an ideal choice for an engagement ring, grab this limited item and shine like a timeless beauty and Diva. Every ring tells a story, so create a dashing story with our divine 18-carat apatite stone ring.


Full original.

Made in Arizona, USA.

Available in size of 6.

Made from sterling silver, apatite gemstone with silver wires.

Free delivery.

Deliver in an alluring small box, cool packaging along less wastage.

Easy online payment.

Available all over the world.

Tips & Care

Keep away your jewellery from moisture or sunlight. Clean it regularly.

Don't expose it to chemicals and cosmetics, due to the risk of damaging metal.

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