Yan Pashkovski

Yan Pashkovski, aka Yan Pash, was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine. At 17 he moved to Estonia, then spent brief spells in Russia and the US. Afterwards, he spent four years traveling China, Hong Kong and Thailand, finally settling in New York. He studied math and physics in university, but the artistic streak he inherited from his mother’s family (many of whom were actors and writers in Ukraine) led to an interest in design and working with gemstones

His nomadic lifestyle and exposure to different cultures inspired his Art Nuevo collection of “organic” jewelry, in which nearly every piece is designed from scratch, and centered around individual stones from all over the world. Yan’s designs are then brought to life by a small team of Thai silversmiths, where the jewelry is crafted with exquisite care and finished with hand-brushed gold filling. “Jewelry is the novelty that should always amuse, inspire and mesmerize–it should never be boring. This is why each organic design is unique. Like insects within amber, every ring of silver and gold captures and elevates the wearer’s natural beauty, creating true ‘poetry in motion.’ Every person is different, each gem is one-of-a-kind…the matching possibilities are infinite.”