Monika Hilleary

Monika Hilleary started her art career as a portrait photographer but quickly fell in love with high-end architectural photography work while living in the foothills of Colorado.  There she was recognized as one of the states foremost architectural, publication and commercial photographers. In addition to her commercial work, she regularly explored the beauty of the landscape and with the many stunning captures, went on to own three galleries in several mountain resort towns. In total contrast, she then spent several years in Tauranga, New Zealand, and before settling permanently in Sedona, Arizona, divided her time between New Zealand and Sedona.

Infused with inspiration from the richly pigmented red rocks of her current home as well as the azure illuminated oceans of her previous, these intimate connections with her surroundings have continued to fuel her passion, Monika’s latest style of fine art photography is captured in an abstracted painterly fashion, regularly confused with that of contemporary impressionistic paintings.

Monika’s award-winning work can be found around the globe with residential and commercial installations in England, Spain, Germany, France, New Zealand and Peru as well as nationwide in the US.