As a child, this talented second-generation artist worked with his father in his studio where he was taught many varied artistic techniques. Growing up in such an environment, he learned first at his father's knee and then continued his hands-on studies under the tutelage other contemporary masters. His maturity as an artist evolved and flourished in this type of environment. An enthusiastic lifelong learner, he has chosen to express himself through many different mediums over the years, and now concentrates on oils. His work is shown in select galleries and has been collected worldwide. 

The artist’s technique begins with a wood panel on which he builds up several layers of texture to create depth. He manipulates this versatile material both when wet and after it is dry. Although light in weight, he seeks to create the illusion of heavy stone or metal. Many materials are used such as modeling paste, gesso, fired ceramic, acrylics, glazes, stains, sealers and so on. When finishing a piece he adds a final satin exterior varnish for longevity, UV protections, and ease of dusting. 

Artist's Statement 

Growing up in California, I was influenced by the beauty of the Southwest, which continues to inspire my rich blend of colors and textures. I infuse each work with my own spirit, giving my art its own distinctive energy. Texture is my main focus and my fascination with how different materials react to one another other has pushed my work to the limits of experimental application.