I have no stories of the moment I “knew” that creating and selling jewelry was what I wanted to pursue as a career.  What I have always known is that despite a great pull to conform to a “normal” path (teaching, graphic design etc.), I am an artist.  I have always known the physical manifestation of my experiences and emotions must be expressed via Art.  It is not something I “decided” to do. It is peaceful knowing that this is what I should do and need to do.

I am passionate about the creative process.  Whether it be in painting, sculpture or jewelry, the birth of a piece starts from the same spark.  That spark is within me:  my vision, my emotions, my memories, my pain, my experiences of my walking, waking, breathing life.  And it is born.

The medium I choose at this time is jewelry.  My material for most of my current work is mixed metals and glass.  I make all of my metal pieces by hand using both hot and cold construction. All of the glass components are also made exclusively by me over an oxygen/propane surface mix torch. I seem to be drawn to materials that can be in a fluid state, manipulated by me and then frozen at the moment of my choosing.  What I am able to express through this material is the echo of life that is reflected through both the glass and metal.  Like memories of life, glass has visible a memory of its creation by a human, expressing action such as silliness, youth, sexiness, quiet, beauty, conflict. In its imperfection, it then surrenders to its perfection.

I have my BFA from Eastern Michigan University with a concentration in both Metals and Painting.  My minor is in Art History with my special love for Abstract Expressionists.

About My Rock Jewelry 

On the floor and shores of Lake Michigan, there are some really beautiful rocks that remain from fossils and glaciers from centuries ago.  The rocks are tumbled and softened by years of water’s “abuse” (life?).  The split pod shape on the top is silver…torch marks from the fire of my torch, a seedpod…under the hard metal shell is life, rebirth…seeds of new.  A perfectly ancient stone strapped to each other by bright silver “rope” of the memories that tie new and old together…soft and rough and yet a beautiful fit.