Jon Watson weaves a tale in metal of "a clan of indigenous people who live and work together to survive every day in the stunning and extremely hot desert".
Born in Chattanooga in 1964, he acquired a degree in art from the prestigious Art Institute of Atlanta, Jon initially ventured into advertising and design before stepping into the world of metal to explore his artistic visions.
Each metal sculpture is carefully handcrafted and stamped with steel in Tucson Arizona.  They can be enjoyed outside in the garden or featured in an indoor space.
He has shown his work in selected exhibitions and is included in private collections throughout the United States and internationally.
Artist's Statement
Over the years of searching and questioning everything, I found metal to be the most interesting and spiritually fulfilling medium for me to create with. My art is a combination of soft organic nature with the hard cold manmade world we live in. And, when put together, it offers an array of thoughts and emotions to whoever is viewing it.