Joi and Dan LaChausse
“Our glass is a heartfelt expression of joy that we want to share with you.”

Working from their studio Whidbey Island, WA; the highly skilled LaChaussee glass blowing team have enjoyed over 3 decades of success and growth as artist; as family, and as business partners. Within the first 2 years after being introduced at Pratt Fine art Center, Dan & Joi were married; started a family, and began the LaChaussee Glass studio. The first humble little hot shop was built under an existing carport in 1988. Three children, five acres, and 12 years later; they built a new home, and modern glass studio completed in 1999.

They have continually developed new ideas, and are well known in the world of art glass for their skills, innovations and originality. The motivation for creating art glass is inspired by immense joy and satisfaction in the work of glass blowing, their children, and each other. They have found that over time, making art together while teaching their children and assistants to work with glass has made our journey even more exciting. Each day brings new opportunities to explore their potential, and create beautiful designs through freedom of expressions and ideas.