Wood Turning artist, Jack Dohallow describes the process of turning wood into captivating pieces of art and utility as a passion. The fluidity of glass art and southwest pottery is such an inspiration, and he works to incorporate its influence into his woodwork.

Jack creates his work in his studio, working on a wood lathe, spinning the wood and carving the wood as it spins. Preparing the woods, to discovering its colors, textures, smells and uniqueness to designing a one-of-a-kind work from nature is enjoyable. From local to imported woods from around the world, he creates bowls, wine and oil bottle stoppers, small boxes for secret treasures, platters and vases, whatever the wood says!  Jack use natural oils & food safe finishing products for most pieces.

Jack first fell in love with wood turning in high school, then life got in the way. He returned to it in 2000 and has been working the wood lathe since. In 2003 he had the opportunity to work as a production wood turner, honing his skills daily. He now focuses on one-of-a-kind pieces. Traveling over the years to multiple National Wood Turning Symposiums has also helped hone techniques and inspire, as he continues to learn, grow and develop, creating lots of sawdust.