Don Lucero's creations appear to emerge out of a deep mist. A native of Albuquerque NM with a degree in Business Marketing, he is forging his path in today’s art world. During his youth he was fortunate to have spent time in the tranquil and meditative countryside of Greece and Japan. Those years helped infuse and set the foundation which can easily be felt and seen in many of his pieces today. When he started creating his art he lived among the open spaces of deserts and mesas in West Albuquerque, NM, which provided him a continuous fresh source of inspiration. Don now resides in Phoenix, AZ.

His work is mysterious, complex and thought provoking. The complexity of these pieces is deep and abstract in design. Viewed from a different angle or space, the same piece may take on a totally different realm and feeling. His fine art pieces are incorporated mostly of organic materials. Don says. “I will start with an idea for a piece and I can usually successfully take the piece to it’s finish, but some pieces do not reveal where they want to go for months, and they usually end up some of my favorite pieces”.