Beth Courtright-Detwiler is a Contemporary Visionary Artist who lives in the Verde Valley of Northern Arizona. Her studio "Word is Art" sits on Cleopatra Hill, at the Old High School in the historic ghost town & artist colony of Jerome, Arizona.

Ms. Courtright-Detwiler has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio State University and spent her formative years on the East Coast working as a fine art painter, cartoonist, and illustrator. The content of her work is iconic and symbolistic, playing out in a variety of colorful mediums including, chalk pastel, ceramic sculpture and experimental masking tape art.

Artist Statement

I have been passionate about art and self-expression the entirety of my life. From early childhood years of making sculpture from corn stalks in rural Nebraska; to teen urbanite spray painting murals under overpasses; to years on the East Coast as a professional illustrator and cartoonist; to my current life as an Artist and Arts Educator in the High Desert of Arizona...wherever life takes me, I endeavor to assimilate and tune into the compelling narratives that are around me, and within me. Visions of nature, epic stories of humanity, and personal memories, all fill my life with meaning and purpose. Active Imagination and Intuition are the practices I rely upon to bring it all to the surface. This is my art... this is my journey.