Al Clymer, a Denison-reared realist, whose goals were once set on an architectural career, has painted a path to fame since trading his T-square and drafting board for an artist’s brush and canvas.  

Intent on pursuing a career in architecture, Clymer began studies at Texas A&M University. After becoming aware of design through architect courses, he discovered art through architecture while experimenting with painting. It was also through architecture that Clymer was introduced to acrylics, a water base medium which is quick-drying and easy to clean. He borrowed design concepts from architecture, along with the acrylic paint, and then added an innovative touch - painting on masonite fiberboard - to create his own style. He was fascinated by the fiberboard because of its ability to draw water quickly, producing different visual effects. 

Once Clymer realized he liked to paint and could make a living at it, he abandoned architecture in 1967 to become a professional artist. The transition was an easy one because it fit in with his life goals. AI wanted to be self-employed, to have absolute freedom. “Freedom to stay at home when I wanted to, freedom to go to Europe when I pleased and freedom to create something that could really be cherished.” 

Clymer’s dreams became reality when art critics gave his work favorable reviews. He achieved national recognition through a series of 187 one man shows and assorted awards in California, Texas, New York and Paris. His paintings are represented in numerous private, corporate and museum collections and he has been reviewed twice by La Review Moderne Des Arts, Playboy Press and numerous newspaper articles. 

“The poetic concentration and graphic strength revealed by the art work of Albert Clymer thrill us beyond all question. The colors display a great mastery as well. Skillful relief, resonances, modulated in full force or in violence according to the sensation to be transmitted. The overlapping shadows and explosions of gold seem to be in flight, the reds, mauves, and greens simmer. One is enraptured, carried away, excited... The landscapes become magical escape. One can only dream, admire.” Review Moderne Des Arts, Paris, France. 

His art works have not only drawn rave reviews, but have also earned him inclusion in the prestigious Who’s Who in American Art and Men of Achievement. Clymer’s art has catapulted into prominence through Paul Gillette’s book The Single Man’s Indispensable Guide listing him as one of the top three artists in America today.